By boat

Connecting Corfu with Igoumenitsa,Patras, Ag. Saranda, Bari, Brindisi, Venice.

  • Corfu Port Authority, Tel. 0030 26610 40002 και 0030 26610 30481
  • Patras Port Authority: 2610 341002, 2610 341024, 2610 341046
  • Igoumenitsa Port Authority: 26650 22235
  • Bari, Stazione Marittima: 0039 080 5217609
  • Brindisi, Costa Morena: 0831 548115, 0831 548534

Connection of Igoumenitsa with Lefkimmi

If you decide on travelling to Corfu with your own car, you will have to drive to Igoumenitsa and then cross over to Lefkimmi by ferry boat that follows the itinerary Igoumenitsa - Lefkimmi. You will have to bear in mind that Igoumetisa is about 6-7 hours away from Athens and about 3 hours from Thessaloniki.

Ferry boats depart daily from the port of Igoumenitsa to the port of Lefkimmi. The route lasts approximately one hour.

Igoumenitsa Port Authority tel. 26650 99400 Lefkimmi Port Authority tel. 26620-23277

For more information about the itinerary visit the company's website

Κάβος Πλάζα
Τ.Κ 49080
Τηλ: 26620 61704

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