The island that enchanted poets and kings.The port that united East and West. The place that offered hospitality to Ulyses, Homer's ingenious hero, the place Poseidon chose to enjoy his love with Amfitriti, the same place that offers hospitality and inspires today's visitors: beautiful, romantic, natural,historical but above all unexpected, Corfu drives the traveller mad.

It might not be an exotic destination anymore among Europeans, however it remains one of Europe's most charming neighbourhoods. With impressive flora,isolated beaches, crystal clear water, paths between shadowy,perennial olive orchards, byzantine chapels, villages from the Venetian era, traditional greek taverns, but also the most contemporary accommodation and leisure offers. Corfu is the place that revitalizes the brain and activates the human senses.

Η Corfu's old town is included in the World Heritage List since 2007. The old town's beautiful buildings, mainly from the Venetian period,witness the island's prestige and elegance of the 19th century. UNESCO noted Corfu down as an example of a fortified port and a Mediterranean nation that preserved its integrity and authenticity.

Κάβος Πλάζα
Τ.Κ 49080
Τηλ: 26620 61704

Winner 2012 TripAdvisor panoramio φωτογραφία από το ποντικονήσι στην κέρκυρα αεροφωτογραφία απο το τουριστικό θέρετρο του Κάβου

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