Lefkimmi (Rigglades,Agioi Theodoroi, Melikia, Potami)

Lefkimmi is a small town in the south of Corfu that derived from the union of the traditional villages and settlements Rigglades, Agioi Theodoroi, Potami and Melikia. Each has its own important history and is worth visiting and enjoying.

It is situated 40 kilometres away from the town and the airport of Corfu and near the Kavos summer resort.

It is worth mentioning that the composite "Lef" can be found in three other toponyms of the wider area that seem to mark the sea route from Sicily to the West. We have the island "Lef-kada", the southern end of Corfu "Lef-kimmi" and the Southeastern end of Italy "Lef-ka / Leuca".

In Rigglades with the traditional houses and the mansions of a particular folcloric architecture, you will feel the deeply rooted byzantine origin, you will discover the walls and the roads, the signs of the Middle ages.

In Anaplades you will detect the agony and the releaf of the immigrants that arrived here in 1540 when the Turks took over Nafplio (Anapli) and Venice transfered army and immigrants here.

In Melikia you will discover houses and mansions from the 15th century and do not miss out on visiting St. Isavros church with rare wall paintings and icons dating back to the 16th century.

In Potami (that means river) with the canal for the locals to dock their boats with security, apart from the walk and the traditional flavours at the small but so special taverns that you will enjoy, you can also follow the river and reach the beach of Mpoukas where you can swim and you can have a refreshing drink at the refrehsment stand that can be found there.

In the Lefkimmi settlement notice the two-floor houses,the curved arches and look for the traditional streets set with little pebbles put together in an artistic way by the hands of old craftsmen.

From Rigglades a road will lead you to Lefkimmis' Saltbeds (Alykes) that are of great sight-seeing and environmental importance (Natura 2000) and to the beach of Alykes.

Κάβος Πλάζα
Τ.Κ 49080
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